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Russell Stenberg



            I create “AAA” animations and systems that are both simple and complex at the same time. Through versatile animation skills, a basic understanding of programming and a solid perception of game design I construct robust animation systems piece by piece though research & development, constant evaluation, quick iteration, and finally high quality polish.

Technical Expertise

Motion Builder
3D Studio max
Character Studio
Unreal 4.5

Technical Experience

Java / C#
Unity 3d


Xaviant Games


Lichdom: Battlemage
Untitled Project
  • Animated biped and multi-legged monsters for Lichdom.
  • Wrote ease-of-life tools in Maxscript and LUA.
  • Processed mocap and assembled all cinematic sequences in Motion Builder ensuring all characters work together and are in sync.
  • Used Unreal 4.5 to design the animation network, build blueprints, and skills for players and bots/

CCP Games


World Of Darkness (unreleased)
Eve: Incarna
  • Created, maintained, and expanded upon the in-game traversal system which became a large selling feature of World of Darkness
  • Planned the integration of new abilities per game design specifications.
  • Developed small morpheme tools in LUA to help speed up production.
  • Animated all characters for the CCP internal visual target video.

EA Mythic


Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning
  • Animated all Goblin grips, Squig variations, Dark Elf Females – single dagger & dual dagger & staff grips, Giants, Snotlings, Harpies – full monster list available
  • Rigger & Animator – Steam Tank, Gyrocopter, All Siege Weapons.
  • Updated rigs and animations for older monsters with current information
  • Dissected the animation pipeline to understand, implement, and test characters not fully introduced into the game yet.


Arts Institutes International of Minnesota
Bachelors of Science in Media Arts and Animation